Our Process


Getting started with this stuff is hard; inertia is a powerful force. But once you list your goals out on paper and create a doable, simple roadmap to attain them… then the fun begins. It thrills us to see our clients’ faces once they experience this clarity. Here is a simple breakdown of our process…








In this first meeting, we want to get to know you, get a sense of your profile, what’s on your mind, and what you want to accomplish to find where we can be of value. From there, we’ll find ways to complement what you are doing and supplement your current planning strategy.


We’ll present models, numbers, and customized strategies tailor-made to fit where you are now and your vision for the future. In providing all of these finer details, we’ll also help you see the bigger picture, illuminating and contextualizing your actions so that you have better tools to navigate toward an improved financial outlook.


Financial advising is a process. It's not a chore to be "done once" and forgotten. Your means, goals, and even your values may evolve during your life.

To navigate this process, you need the right people — candid professionals whose values resonate with yours, and whose track record of helping others like you engenders trust. For best results, you need input from many good people, like certified public accountants, retirement professionals and estate planning attorneys. The Azura team can coordinate all of these moving parts, so you feel relaxed and in control.


Our Promise

We want to make sure you get what you want out of your money.

Beyond that, we become more than just your financial professionals. Not only do we care about your priorities and your ultimate financial results, we want to see you grow and we love to keep in touch.

It is our privilege and our promise to use our expertise and resources to materialize your financial endeavors. And help change your trajectory in life.